KeySearch 1.3.9(1390)
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KeySearch 1.3
  • 1. The keyboard lock, and press Crtl + Alt + P (can be defined), can lock keyboard and mouse. Press again to unlock , Also can be set to password to unlock. Can lock screen as software, also is the Win + L powerful added. Is office and game hang up of the necessary software.
  • 2. Quick search, use hotkeys Ctrl + Alt + Q (can be defined) v search interface that lets you search more efficient. Can be set to use which search engine Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc.
  • 3. Web site to collect, the layout of the flat, the position of the free adjustment, the commonly used in web site can immediately find place. Can be set to use specified browser open.
Update Log
  • 1) Fixes some bug.
  • 2) And to the keys pressed records, screenshots shielding, disable Ctrl + Alt + Del, mute, automatic locking, password to unlock, and so on some features such as perfect.
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